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1950 - 1951

Rifle Club
Rifleclub 1950-1951.jpg

1954 - 1955

Ham Radio Club
1954-1955 Ham Club2.jpg 1954-1955 Ham Club.jpg

1955 - 1956

Departmental Clubs
Many departmental clubs were formed this year. Clubs included:

  • Aero Club
  • Agricultural Mechanics Club
  • Architectural Drafting Society
  • Art Discussion Group
  • The Auto Club
  • Electronic Technicians’ Club
  • Laboratory Technicians’ Club
  • Kilo-Volt-Amp Club
  • Survey Club. (R.S.)

1957 - 1958

Tech Queen
The first Tech Queen contest was organized by the Electronic Technicians’ Club. There were 8 candidates for Queen and the winner was Joyce Stevenson of Electronics. She received her crown at the Queens’ Ball.
During the two week ‘Queen’ campaign there had been many narrow escapes from attempts at abduction of the queens by members of the opposing Clubs. Electronic Technicians' Club
The Electronics Club offered a trophy, The Bloody Cup, to the class donating the most blood at the annual Red Cross Blood Donor’s clinic. This year, the cup was won by the Surveyors. (R.S.)

1961 - 1962

Tech Queen
The annual Tech Queen contest got a bit out of hand when an attempted abduction resulted in a fight at a filling station. Wiring was torn from a car but 3 or 4 escorts were on hand to rescue the queen and push the car to safety; police were called but the trouble-makers had fled. Later, Diane Wait, representing Architectural Drafting, was crowned Tech Queen from among a group of six candidates. (R.S.)

Electronic Technicians' Club

There were some good-natured high jinks, practiced by the various department clubs, during the 90 minute uniform lunch hour break. The Electronics Club managed to hang a club pennant on the flag pole on Heritage Hall. Other clubs managed to string up a number of their ‘favourite characters’ (in effigy) on campus lamp poles (R.S.)

1963 - 1964

Survey Club

The Survey Club’s annual pancake eating contest was a popular campus event.

New Clubs

Three new clubs were organized this year: Jazz Club, Judo Club and Archery Club.(R.S.)

Organizations Sponsored by the Students' Association

The organizations sponsored by the Students’ Association were listed as follows: (R.S.)

Board of Publications Photo Directorate Telephone Directory Committee Emery Weal Camera Club Queen Campaign Committee
Tech Art Record Club Council Toy Campaign Committee Tech R.C. Students’ Council Frosh Committee Tech Dance Band
Finance Committee Students’ Athletic Council Inter-Mural Athletic Council Social Council Annual Banquet Committee Tech Ham Club
Tech Christian Fellowship Lutheran Students’ Association Blood Donor Committee Christmas Display Committee Graduation Banquet Committee

1964 - 1965

Sports Sports activities on campus included: (R.S.)

  • Trojans Basketball
  • Trojans Hockey
  • Bowling
  • Inter-Mural
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Curling Club
  • Table tennis
  • Boxing Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Rifle & Pistol Club
  • Karate
  • Cheerleading
  • Volleyball

Departmental Clubs (R.S.)

  • Agricultural Mechanics Club
  • Architectural Drafting Club
  • A.S.A.A.K.A. (Art)
  • Mechanical Technologists
  • Automotives Club
  • Club Cuisine
  • Chemical Technologists
  • Construction Club
  • Diesel Mechanics Club
  • Drafting Club
  • I.E.E.E. (Electronics)
  • K.V.A. (Electrical)
  • Merchandising Administration
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Aeronautical Club
  • Petroleum Club
  • Survey Club

1967 - 1968

International Students Club

An International Students’ Club was formed for the first time. (R.S.) The Ski Club had a total of 33 members, 3 of which were female and the other 30 were male members. The club went on two major trips, one to Westcastle and the other was to Whitefish, Montana (10/3/69, pg 6).

1969 - 1970

Aeronautical Society
The bowling alley for 1969 to 1970 was operated by the Society of Aeronautical Students. The money that was raised from running this operation went to fund the restoration of a Tiger Moth aircraft, which was used for crop spraying (12/5/69, pg 8).

Archery Club
The Archery Club was formed in October of 1969 with $200 for equipment. Two instructors from the Chinook Archery Club helped supervise the students (10/3/69, pg 6).

Business Administration Club
The Business Administration Club was for the students in the business program to socialize (10/10/69, pg 7).

Christian Fellowship Club
The Christian Fellowship club was a non-denominational club where students talked about the church and participated in activities such as socials, sports and good clean campus fun (10/10/69, pg 6).

Cuisine Club
The Cuisine Club sold Christmas cake for $1 a pound to students and staff (12/5/69, pg 6).

Drama Club
The Drama Club recited a play at the Edmonton Drama Festival (10/17/69 pg 1).

Graphics Art Club
The Graphic Arts Club in 1970 had a total of 6 students and was responsible for creating the majority of the posters and banners on campus (4/22/1970, pg 6).

Sky Divers Club
The Sky Divers Club held their first parachute training session at which 14 students attended. In order to jump, the students had to become part of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association. This association provided insurance for the students at a low rate of $15 a year (10/31/69, pg 5).

All student intramurals were run by the Students' Association at SAIT (10/3/69, pg 7). Intramural sports included flag football and cross country running (10/10/69 pg 6).

The Trojans raised money for their teams with the help of the cheerleaders. The girls did a dance in the cafeteria and guys followed them with beer mugs and badges to collect money from the students (11/28/69, pg 3).

Women’s Society
A women’s society was created by 19 SAIT students. Liz Kalman, who was SAIT Women’s Athletic Chairman for that year also took on the role as executive for the Women’s Society (2/13/1970, pg 7).

The Challenge Cup
The Challenge Cup was formed by the Intramural Athletic Council to create a spirit of competition between the various clubs. There were 13 rules that the students were expected to follow (2/27/1970, pg 15).

Tower TV
Formally called student noon hour programming, Tower TV began on March 9th 1970 at 11am. The show broadcasted a variety of topics for students to watch and was viewed in the Tower Rotunda every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (3/5/1970, pg 5).

Other clubs for the 1969 to 1970 year included:

  • Badminton Club (10/17/69 pg 4)
  • Computer Flag Football Team (11/28/69, pg 3)
  • Curling Club (10/17/69 pg 4)
  • Electronics Club (10/31/69, pg 2)
  • Fencing Club (10/24/69, pg 4)
  • International Students Club (11/7/69, pg 1)
  • Karate Club (10/17/69 pg 4)
  • Rifle and Pistol Club (10/17/69 pg 4)
  • Ski Club (10/3/69, pg 6)
  • Soccer Club
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