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Cabaret Gallery

1970 - 1971

70 Frosh Week2.jpg

Frosh Week
Frosh activities for 1970 to 1971 included:

  • Dance Parties
  • A Big Sister Tea
  • Shinerama
  • Bordenball Game
  • BBQ
  • Obstacle course
  • Rock Concert

The activities were spread out over three days. The events began on the Wednesday and ended on Friday. To attend the events, students purchased a $12 Frosh Week booklet of tickets. Both frosh and senior students were encouraged to partake in the frosh actives, as the department that sent the most students received free beer tickets (9/25/1970, pg 1).

70 Frosh Week1.jpg 1971-1972 Frosh Week.jpg

Shinerama was an event where students went around the city shining shoes to raise money for children who were suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. To promote Shinerama, a booth was set up during registration that included a movie on Cystic Fibrosis. The event lasted a full day and students were given all the supplies that were required to shine shoes (9/25/1970, pg 3).

Frosh Queen
For some, the Queen Campaign was a serious event and for others, it was a joke. The Queen had no specific duties or official roles; the event was simply for entertainment and for the ego of the winner. For the 1970 to 1971 campaign, a select group of students decided to enter a pig into the contest (10/23/1970, pg 2). A new role for the winner of the Queen Campaign was introduced after hearing several views on the contest. In 1970 to 1971 the Queen was responsible to take part in the presentation of awards at the Annual Banquet (10/30/1970, pg 1).

1971 - 1972

SAIT decided in 1972 that it would be a good idea to hire a full time Shinerama Director. The director would be responsible for the following (5/12/1972):

  • Publicity leading up to the event
  • Publicity during event
  • Arranging donations such as food and prizes
  • Follow up communications
71-72 Shinerama2.jpg 71-72 Shinerama1.jpg 71-72 Shinerama3.jpg

1972 - 1973

Frosh Week
Frosh activities for '72 lasted from September 27th to October 6th. Activities included (9/26/1972, pg 5):

  • free BBQ at the SAB
  • 5 Cabarets
  • free lunch for those participating in Shinerama

SAITSA set a goal to raise $10,000 for Shinerama '72 on October 5th. If SAIT students raised more money than students at NAIT, SAIT would win a keg party from NAIT (9/26/1972, pg 3).
The Shinerama Cabaret was a cheap event for students (10/6/1972, pg2):

  • Shiners got in for free
  • Non-Shiners paid $1.50
  • Beer was 3 for a $1
  • Wine was 2 for $2

SAITSA Lottery
SAITSA lottery was introduced to students in September of 1972. Tickets were sold at $1.50 each and students had a chance to win one of 13 prizes. The tickets were available from the student executive committee or at the SAB and the lottery was open to all SAIT students, faculty and staff. The draw took place at the Christmas Candlelight Cabaret on December 8th and all proceeds went towards new recreational equipment (9/26/1972, pg 6). Unfortunately, the SAITSA Lottery lost $1,514 in ticket and cabaret sales.(12/15/1972, pg 4).

The Warm Awakening and Jim Foster played at SAITAN’s Den on March 5th. The event cost 40 cents and free coffee was served.

SAITANS Den 1972-1973.jpg

1973 - 1974

73-74 Frosh Week.jpg

Frosh Week
SAITSA was questioned by the Emery Weal for only charging males ($2) at the Frosh Week Cabaret (10/12/1973, pg 2).

The 700 students who participated in Shinerama raised a total of $9,200 dollars for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Buses transported the students around the city to shine shoes and, at the end of the day, a cabaret was held. A contest was held between SAIT and NAIT to see who could raise the largest amount of money. Since SAIT won, NAIT provided the students with six kegs of beer (10/19/1973, pg 1).

1973-1974 SAITan's Den.jpg

Cabarets changed from a weekly event to a bimonthly event in October of '73 (10/19/1973 pg 1).

KISS played at Jubilee Auditorium on February 6th, 1974 (

SAITSA Lottery
SAITSA lottery expanded from the campus to around the City of Calgary in order to break even. The Students' Association used word of mouth to advertise the campaign (11/23/1973, pg 1). However, the SAITSA lottery still failed to bring a profit and the association suffered a net loss of $550 (12/14/73, pg 1).

The SAITSA awards for the 1973 to 1974 took place at the Palliser Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom. The following awards were given out (5/3/1974, pg 5):

  • Gold T Awards
  • Silver T Awards
  • Service T Awards
  • Intramural and Intercolligate Women’s Team Trophies
  • Individual Certificates
  • Men’s Team Trophies
  • Individual Trophies
  • Individual Certificates
  • Helena Trophies
  • Trojan Trophies
  • ACAC Champions

1974 - 1975

NAIT accepted SAIT’s challenge to see who would raise the most amount of money for Shinerama. The loser supplied the winning team with 5 kegs of beer (9/20/1974, pg 1). Army trucks dropped off students who participated in Shinerama at several shopping centres throughout Calgary. McDonald's supplied the students' lunches, which included coke and hamburgers (9/27/1974, pg 1). The vending machines and the SAIT Shop also donated a portion of proceeds to Shinerama (10/11/1974, pg 1).

Common Hour
Common Hour took place every Wednesday for two hours each week. This event gave students the opportunity to present debates, concerts, guest speakers or any other activity they wished to plan to the student body of SAIT (9/20/1974, pg1).

Key Persons Conference
The Key Persons Conference was organized by Art Ewing, the president of SAITSA. This conference was held for all presidents and secretaries of established clubs to communicate with each other (9/20/1974, pg 1). The Students' Association discussed their responsibilities in helping student clubs plan activities around campus. Topics covered in the conference included (10/18/1974, pg 1):

  • Financial aid
  • Leadership
  • How to run a meeting
  • Planning Social Events
  • Booking rooms on Campus

Frosh Week (9/20/1974, pg 3)

  • Wednesday 25th
    • Evening Pub with Wascana in SAB
      • 50 cents
  • Thursday 26th
    • Free BBQ in front of SAB
    • Cabaret with Wascana in Tower Rotunda
      • $2.00 (ladies free)
  • Friday 27th
    • Afternoon Pub with Maclean and Mclean in SAB
      • 50 cents
    • Cabaret with Bradstreet in Tower Rotunda
      • $2.00

Once renovations began on the SAB, the student cabarets changed locations and a makeshift room was created to host events (10/25/1974, pg4).

A large amount of damage occurred after a kegger in support of the SAIT Apartment Tenant Association in the SAB. Three fire alarms went off, one fight broke out, and all the mirrors in the men’s washroom were all broken (4/18/1975, pg 3).

When planning a cabaret, the following steps were involved (5/9/1975, pg 2):
1.Four signatures were required from on campus, including Fred Jorgensen’s (the President at SAIT)
2.Signature from the Alberta Liquor Control Board official
3.The alcohol was to be bought from the North Hill Liquor store and brought to campus by a messenger service for 10 cents per case
4.Bouncers and security must be present
5.Caretakers were to be paid to clean up afterwards

Cinema SAIT
Renovations caused Cinema SAIT to fold, as the room that they were to host events in turned into a night time classroom (10/1/1974, pg 4). With some creative thinking, Cinema SAIT moved over to the ACA theatre (11/6/1974, pg 1).

Cinema SAIT selected films that catered to ACA students, as the students at SAIT rarely attended events. The one film that was selected for SAIT students failed to bring a profit (4/2/1975, pg 4).

Foosball Tournament
A Foosball Tournament was put on by the Weal after the Christmas break (11/22/1974, pg 9).

SAITSA Awards Banquet
The annual SAITSA Awards Banquet was held at the Calgary Inn in 1975. Students paid $10 to attend the event and it included a cocktail hour, dinner, awards and a dance to cap off the evening (4/18/1975, pg 1). 350 people attended the event.

1975 - 1976

The 100 students that showed up for Shinerama raised $5,000 by shining shoes. Another $1,000 was raised at the Shinerama Cabaret (10/3/1975, pg 1). This year, SAIT lost the bet with NAIT to see who could raise the most money at Shinerama. Therefore, SAITSA had to pay for the kegs at the NAIT kegger. Although SAIT lost the bet, a kegger was still held for the SAIT students who participated in Shinerama (10/10/1975, pg10).

Keypersons Conference
A Keypersons Conference was held for the executives of the student clubs to inform them on organization and financing of activities and functions (10/24/1975).

1977 - 1978

Cab 1977 - 1978.jpg

Cabaret vs Elections
The percentage of students that attend cabarets outnumbered the students that voted in the elections or volunteered at Shinerama. Getting students involved in dry activities proved to be a challenge for the Students' Association (10/28/1977, pg 2).

Concrete Toboggan Race
SAIT participated in the unique concrete toboggan races held in British Columbia. A team of SAIT students raced down a hill on an 800lb slab of cement (2/24/1977, pg 7).

1978 - 1979

The annual Frosh Cabaret was held on September 28th, with Shamash headlining the show (9/22/1978, pg5).

SAIT participated in Shinerama on September 29th, with a goal to raise $17,777.77. A free cabaret was planned for the following day for those who participated in the event, while all others had to pay to attend. A wake-up service for the shiners was also available (9/22/1978, pg 1). $15,000 was raised by the approximate 550 to 600 students who participated in Shinerama (10/6/1978, pg 3).

Cabaret List for 1978 to 1979 (9/29/1978, pg 15):

  • Sept 30 - Res Bar-B-Q, Club Cuisine
  • Oct 6 - BA cabaret
  • Oct 14 - TSR party
  • Oct 20 - EST cabaret
  • Oct 21 - Residence
  • Oct 28 - BA cabaret
  • Nov 3 - ACA Halloween cabaret
  • Nov 4 - Residence cabaret
  • Nov 17 - Athletics cabaret
  • Nov 24 - Residence
  • Dec 1 - TARA cabaret
  • Dec 9 - SET Christmas party
  • Jan 5 - Ski Club cabaret
  • Jan 12 - Met cabaret
  • Jan 19 - Avionics Society cabaret
  • Jan 26 - CT cabaret
  • Feb 16 - Ski Club cabaret
  • Feb 23 - KVA cabaret
  • March 2 - Athletics cabaret
  • March 9 - Ski Club cabaret
  • March 30 - IEEE cabaret
  • April 20 - MET cabaret
  • April 27 - Sec. Arts cabaret
  • May 5 - Ski Club kegger
The largest pub of the year featured Lighthouse and special guest Foxglove. Admission was $1 and the beer was two for one (11/17/1978, pg 12).

Club Events

Rules set by SAITSA activity board were as follows:

  • Club Cabarets
    • Liquor and room applications must be filled out by VP
    • Maximum charge for students was $3.50
    • Admission was restricted to SAIT students with a maximum of two guests
  • Club Executives
    • Were responsible for the function of the event
    • Seating capacity managed by security
    • Club bars were to be set in room G101
    • No beer bottles could be handed out
    • Bartenders and club executives were responsible for using reasonable discretion in the amount of alcohol consumed by any one individual
  • Keggers
    • Restricted to club members plus one
    • No on or off campus advertising of event
    • Beer was to be sold by the cup
    • Once the beer was consumed, the function was over
    • Maximum of 30 people per keg
  • Pub
    • Admission fee of 50 cents
    • Student ID must be shown
    • 400 people was the maximum capacity (2/2/1979, pg 3)

Tighter liquor rules were implemented after several fights took place at student events at SAIT(2/16/1979, pg 1).

Key Persons Conference
The Key Persons Conference took place on October 31st at SAIT. All members of the SRC, presidents and secretary treasurers of all association and departmental clubs on campus attended the conference. Topics that were covered included financial assistance for clubs, procedure for use of association funds, planning social events and procedures for booking bans and facilities (10/20/1978, pg 11).

Oktoberfest 1978 - 1979.jpg

On October 13th an Oktoberfest gala event took place at SAIT (10/20/1978, pg 11). The cultural board was responsible to put on and promote cultural activities on and off campus. Drama, music, theatre and art were the main priorities for the 1978 to 1979 year. The majority of the events were usually put on at ACA (11/3/1978, pg 5).

Foosball Tournament
A foosball tournament took place in the SAB and was sponsored by the Royal Bank. The winner received $50 and the chance to play in another tournament (11/10/1978, pg22).

Winter Carnival
The annual winter carnival was held on February 19 to 23. Events included:

  • 2x4 racing
  • Four legged races
  • Snow shoe relay race
  • Eight man tug-of-war
  • Boat races (1/19/1979, pg 9)

The Winter Carnival at SAIT was a success. A unique scavenger hunt, boat races and loads of drinking were key highlights of the festival (3/9/1979, pg7).

Scavenger Hunt
SAITSA did a Scavenger Hunt on campus. One of the items on the list was the enterphone from the residence building. The enterphone was found missing and the residence sent a bill to SAITSA for the cost of the repairs (3/9/1979, pg 4).

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