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Cabaret Gallery

1980 - 1981

Spaghetti Bridge Contest
A Spaghetti Bridge Contest was open to all students who were registered for the daytime programs at SAIT. The bridges were to be displayed at the open house and the winner received a complimentary dinner at the Spaghetti Factory (4/3/1981, pg 11).

Spring Fling
The annual Spring Fling held at SAIT began with a free pancake breakfast in the Spartacus Lounge. Boat races, beer drinking contests and trike races were just a few of the events that occurred on Spring Fling. A free barbeque and a beer gardens were open to students from 4:30 to 7:30 (4/10/1981, pg 1).

Fashion Show
A spring and summer fashion show was put on by students. Wine and cheese was served and a jazz band entertained the crowd. Admission to the event was $4 (4/10/1981, pg 7).


  • A communication arts cabaret featured the band Circus (4/10/1981, pg 7).
  • The SAK club had their first cabaret on April Fool’s day. The highlight of the night was the fools' contest with $100 prize for the best fool (4/10/1981, pg 9).
  • The Spring Fling Cabaret sold out. Many events went on throughout the day, including a wet t-shirt contest (5/1/1981, pg 8).

SAIT vs SAITSA Hockey Game
SAIT and SAITSA held an annual hockey game on the ice rink on campus (5/1/1981, pg 12).

Awards Banquet
The awards banquet for 1980 to 1981 included the SAITSA awards as well as the athletics awards ceremony. Over 400 students attended the event (5/15/1981, pg 1).

80-81 Awards Banquet.jpg

1981 - 1982

Shinerama took place on October 2nd, 1981 at SAIT. Over 760 students helped raise money for the charitable cause. $16,000 was raised from students shining shoes on the streets with an addition of $3,000 in corporate donations (10/9/1981, pg 3). A conference was held in Montreal for the organizers of Shinerama. The Activities Vice President and SAITSA President attended the event. At the conference they were given tips on organizing the event as well as tips on creating press releases.

81 Shinerama2.jpg 81 Shinerama.jpg

The location switch of the cabarets proved to be a good thing for SAITSA. Less fights occurred and the building is more secure, making it harder for guests to sneak in (10/9/1981, pg 8).

  • Brian Adams played to a crowd of 200 students at SAIT. It cost $2000 and the Students' Association was unable to make a profit at the show (10/23/1981, pg 7).
  • A New Year's cabaret was put on by SAITSA (1/8/1982, pg 8).

Oktoberfest was cancelled in 1981 because the Students' Association was worried about potential damages done to the newly renovated Student Activities Centre that would occur during the drunken festival (10/16/1981, pg 1).

81-82 Mud Wrestling.jpg

Mud Wrestling
A mud wrestling team from California came to SAIT and had two days of performances in the Orpheus Theater at SAIT (10/16/1981, pg 1).

Drinking Contest
A beer contest was held by SAITSA. Male students were to drink 24 beers in 12 hours and female students were to drink 18 beers in the 12 hour allotted time. A $2 entrance fee was required and students who completed the challenge received a t-shirt.

Campus Centre Players
SAITSA had a theatre group called Campus Centre Players. A performance called Three Penny Opera was put on at the Orpheus Theatre for 2 weeks (4/23/1982, pg 3).

Spring Fling
Activities for Spring Fling included a Wet T-shirt contest, a Bum Bum contest and a cabaret at the Symposium Room capped off the event (5/14/1982, pg 5).

Awards Banquet
The Student Awards Banquet for 1982 was held in the Spartacus Lounge (4/30/1982, pg 1).

1982 - 1983

82-83 Shinerama.jpg

Shinerama took place on Friday October 1st. SAIT beat NAIT in raising the most money and won the annual battle between the two schools. Together, the 750 students that participated in the event raised $18,067.76 (10/8/1982).

The ticket price for cabarets increased to $6 (10/8/1982).

Cinema SAIT
The weekly movie cost went from $1 to $2 (10/8/1982).

Career Day
SAITSA City had a career day at the Four Seasons Hotel on Wednesday November 24th, 1982 (11/19/1982, pg 11).

Winter Carnival
The Winter Carnival was held on January 15th, 1983. At the event, a Snow Queen and Snow King were crowned at 12 noon (1/7/1983, pg 8). The on campus promotion of the Winter Carnival was unsuccessful at attracting students, as only a handful of students attended the event that was scheduled for 200 (1/21/1983).

1983-1984 Spring Fling.jpg

Spring Fling
Spring Fling for 1983 took place on Friday May 13th. Free events included a BBQ, dunk tank, 2 by 4 race and a jello suck off. For $5, students could attend the super pub / double cabaret (4/6/1983, pg 11). At the event over 200 students showed up for food and drinks. Although the event was a success, the BBQ that was rented was stolen and SAITSA was stuck with a $1,330 bill (5/7/1983, pg 1).

1983 - 1984

Shinerama took place on September 30th for the 16th time. The goal was to raise $23,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis cause. In order to gather as many students as possible, SAITSA City put on a pep rally pump up the event (9/23/1983, pg 5).

Shari Ulrich performed at the Orpheus Theatre in October of '83. Tickets for the show cost students $7 (9/30/1983, pg 11).

Questions were raised about the policy regarding cabarets. The main issue dealt with the control of the cabarets. The student clubs believed that they earned the right to sell the tickets, and control the liquor while the Students' Association disagreed (10/7/1983, pg 4).

A Halloween cabaret was put on by SAITSA City. Prizes were handed out to the best dressed. Each winner received dinner for two, a $25 gift certificate at SAITSA City shops and a SAITSA mug (11/3/83, pg 7).

Minglewood performed at SAIT to a standing crowd of 700 (11/24/1983, pg 4).

The Blushing Brides played for a full crowd at the SAITSA cabaret (4/5/1984, pg 7).

Boat Race
A boat race was held at the Friday night cabaret. 8 teams participated in the event. The cabaret also included a wet t-shirt contest where the winning student won a trip to the SAITSA ski trip (12/8/83, pg 5).

Money Loss
$1000 was lost by the Students' Association after a booking mix up with the CTSR students (3/1/84, pg 1).

Gong Show
In December of '83 SAITSA held the first ever Gong Show. The students went on stage in the Orpheus Theatre and performed to the students at SAIT. A performance bond of $20 was required and the winner received $500 in CASH! A pre-screening week occurred prior to the main event (11/17/1983, pg 9).

Awards Banquet
The SAITSA awards took place at the campus centre at SAIT (4/19/1984, pg 10,11).

1984 - 1985

Shinerama, a one day shoe shine blitz it was a project that colleges and universities across Canada participated in to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis cause. SAITSA once again participated in the event (8/27/84). For the 1984 to 1985 academic year SAIT raised $14,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis cause (10/4/1984).

Events at the Spartacus Lounge

  • Dragonfly Soars at the SAIT Cabaret (9/13/84, pg 5).
  • SAITSA Presents Chilliwack, featuring Bill Henderson with special guest Saikats(12/19/1985).
  • A SAITSA Beach Party was held on February 23rd at 8pm and featured Dragon Fly (1/17/85, pg 11).
  • SAITSA held Twister Pub Nights at the Spartacus Lounge.
  • David Wilcox performed at SAIT on March 15, 1985.
  • A Dinner Theatre Special was held at SAIT on March 14, 1985.
  • K.D. Lang performed on March 22nd at 8pm at SAIT (3/21/85, pg 6).

Cinema SAIT
Due to the low attendance stats, SAITSA stopped using the Orpheus Theatre for Cinema SAIT. Instead, the theatre was booked out to various theatre companies around town (2/13/84, pg 2).

Dart Tournament
SAITSA hosted a Bud Night on campus. A bottle of Bud cost students $1. In addition to the cheap beer, SAITSA hosted a Dart Tournament for students to participate in (1/17/85, pg 8).

Ski Trip to White Fish
SAITSA organized a ski trip for students to White Fish Resort in Montana. The trip cost student $125 and included accommodation, travel and lift tickets.

Spring Fling
Spring Fling was an annual event in which teams compete in various events. The 1985 year topped the previous year's attendance count with 400 people. Twenty teams with 5 members each competed in a dunk tank event, a jello suck off, caterpillar and sack races (5/16/85, pg 4&5). SAITSA sponsored the event (5/10/1985, pg 5).

1985 - 1986

SAIT’s shiners were approximately $5,000 short of their $16,000 goal but they did raise more money than last year’s shiners on a per-capita basis. Last year Shinerama raised approximately $14,000 with 700 shiners, where this year, shiners raise slightly over $10,000 with 450 shiners. A lack of participation could ruin Shinerama events in the future (9/26/85, pg 4&5).

The Shinerama Cabaret started off with a magician. To cap off the event, 20 Feet played to the small crowd of Shinerama volunteers.

Spartacus Lounge
Two hundred people attended a Marty Bears concert at the Spartacus Lounge in September. However, the opening act, Lambert and James from Newfoundland, was so impressive that the Marty Bears set was somewhat anticlimactic (09/19/1985, page 8).

1989 - 1990

1989 marked the 26th anniversary of the Shinerama fundraiser and SAIT’s 21st year participating in the event. Once a year students from across Canada raise money for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis foundation. In the 20 years of the event, SAIT raised $243,856. The student who raised the most amount of money for Cystic Fibrosis won a pinball machine. SAITSA looked after the event and was responsible for recurring volunteers. The volunteers received a breakfast, T-shirt, BBQ and a free ticket to the 54 40 cabaret (8/31/89, pg 1). Due to inclement weather, Shinerama had a low participation rate. Students raised a total of $12,000 for the cause on September 8th (9/14/89, pg 1). The top shiner raised $269.55, 2nd place shiner raised $263.40 and 3rd place shiner raised $241.55 (9/21/89, pg 3). Sponsors for Shinerama included (9/28/89, pg 2):

  • Labatt’s
  • Coca-Cola
  • SAIT community
  • The City of Calgary

Disorientation Week 89
All events were held in the Spartacus Lounge which was located in the Campus Centre (8/31/89, pg 2).

  • Tuesday Opening Night –Disoriented and Confused? (A ton of prizes were handed out)
  • Wednesday Draught Night – “Old stock and Budweiser”
  • Thursday Comedy Night – Yuk Yuks Comedy with $2 cover
  • Friday Shinerama Cabaret Free for volunteers, $10 at the door / $7 in advance
  • Saturday Toga Night, $1 cover, toga a must

Gratis Theatre
Gratis Theatre was presented by SAITSA. Movies were played in the Orpheus Theatre during Common Hour (12 to 2) on Tuesdays and were free for students. The idea was to bring your lunch and enjoy a movie on SAITSA (9/7/89, pg 6). Movies that played included:

  • Heavy Metal – a Canadian Animated Classic
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Robocop
  • Batman!
  • Caseyboanz
  • War of the Worlds
  • The Fly

Events at the Spartacus Lounge:

  • 54 40 played a show at the Spartacus Lounge, although the event had a good turn out, the sound was a disappointment to the crowd. The opening band played at 9pm and the main act played at 11pm (9/14/89, pg 7).
  • Approximately 300 people were in attendance at the Spartacus Lounge for the Yuk Yuks Cabaret. SAITSA Vice President was responsible for putting on the event. He was interested in making the Yuk Yuks Cabaret a monthly event. SAITSA charged $2 for cover and made $1 from each ticket sold (9/14/1989, pg 7).
  • Idle Eyes performed a 2.5 hr long set to approximately 300 students at the Spartacus Lounge(9/21/89, pg 7).
  • Trojans Hockey team held a cabaret at the Spartacus Lounge with performer Alanna Myles (9/21/89).
  • The Myles cabaret was impressive and was held at the Spartacus Lounge. The girl to guy ratio was 2:1 (9/28/89, pg 7).
  • The Law played to 250 students who attended the rock / country show (9/28/89, pg 7).
  • Marty Putz was the headliner for Comedy night at the Spartacus Lounge. Cover for the event was $3 (9/28/89, pg 7).
  • Halloween Cabaret took place October 28th in the Spartacus Lounge Campus Centre. Doors opened at 7pm, tickets were $6 in advance and $8 door (10/26/1989, pg 12).
  • Paul Hyde played at the Spartacus Lounge in November of 1989. Tickets were $7 in advance and $9 at the door (11/2/1989, pg 2).
  • Matt Minglewood and Lee Arron played a show at the Spartacus Lounge in November of 1989 (11/23/1989, pg 2).
  • Tragically Hip played at the Spartacus Lounge (3/1/1990, pg 13).
  • Draughts at Draught Night cost students $1.05 (3/15/1990, pg 3).
  • Much Music Video Dance Party @ Spartacus Lounge cost students $5 in advance and $7 at the door (10/26/89, pg 2).
  • Comedians Lambert and James performed at the Spartacus Lounge (9/28/89, pg 8).
  • TGIF @ Spartacus Lounge (9/28/89, pg 8).
  • Hypnotist Casey Boanz performed a free show at the Orpheus Theatre (9/28/89, pg 8).
  • Test Pattern, a Much Music TV game show took place at the Spartacus Lounge in October of 1989. A crowd of 500+ enjoyed the show (10/19/89, pg 8).

Common Time
Common Time was a time set aside for students to relax and not do homework (9/21/89).

  • Common Time occurred on Tuesdays from 10 to 2
  • During this time movies were shown at the Orpheus Theatre

Spring Fling
Spring Fling began at 1pm on May 4th, 1990. Events included a sloosh race, jello sucking, hot dog eating, tug of war, and balloon squishing. The Beer Gardens began at 3pm and the cabaret started at 7:30 (4/26/1990, pg 2).

SAITSA Awards Banquet
The SAITSA banquet was held in the Spartacus Lounge (5/3/1990, pg 1).

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