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Cabaret Gallery

1990 - 1991

SAITSA helped organize Shinerama with the U of C and Mount Royal in 1990. The Students’ Association helped raise $30,000 for cystic fibrosis research.

Canadian Organization of Campus Activities
SAITSA hosted the COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) Western Regional Conference from November 1-3, 1990. Ten bands played, hoping to be hired by COCA, which is made up of representatives from colleges, universities and tech schools who book acts for campus entertainment.

1992 - 1993

SAITSA’s Shinerama brought in a disappointing 260 student volunteers (Sept. 17, 1992 Weal).

Events at the Spartacus Lounge:

  • Wild “T” and the Spirit played Sparty’s on September 11, 1992 (9/10/92)
  • Colin James played Sparty’s on Sept. 18,1992 (9/24/92)
  • Kim Mitchell played Sparty’s on Oct. 23, 1992 (10/22/92)
  • SAITSA absorbed the cost of damages during a Harlequin cabaret at Sparty’s (4/22/93)
  • Blue Rodeo plays Sparty’s on April 30, 1993. (4/22/93)

Alcohol Awareness Campaign
SAITSA hosted an alcohol awareness campaign, including contests, a Velcro wall and comedians (Oct. 22, 1992 Weal).

Campus Clean-up
Forty students and staff volunteered during the first Campus Clean-up Day, organized by SAITSA (April 8, 1993 weal).

1993 - 1994

Shinerama, to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research, raised over $12,000 (Sept. 23, 1993 Weal).

Mini Olympics
SAITSA hosted a mini-Olympics and cultural fest March 21- 25 to decrease the level of apathy on campus. (3/17/94).

Alcohol Awareness
SAIT hosted an alcohol awareness campaign called BAASH (Bringing Alcohol Awareness Safely Home on December 8th-10th, 1993. The event included a mocktail-mixing contest. (Dec. 2, 1993 Weal)

1994 - 1995

Halloween Party
SAITSA planned a Halloween party for children of students and staff on Oct. 30 in Campus Centre (10/13/94).

1996 - 1997

Shinerama was a weeklong party in 1996. The week began with a silent auction at Loco Lou’s, prizes were also handed out to anyone who participated in the event (08/26/1996, pg 1). Shinerama raised $5,000 and had 100 volunteers. Unfortunately SAITSA did not reach their goal of raising $10,000 with 250 volunteers. In addition, two of the main events were cancelled due to bad weather. Event organizers were unsure if they would continue on with Shinerama in following years (9/26/1996, pg 1).

Events at the Spartacus Lounge

  • I Mother Earth played at the Spartacus Lounge for the Shinerama Cabaret (10/3/96, pg 1).
  • Live Music at Sparty’s – Holy Cow Trio
  • Comedy Troupe at Sparty’s
  • Casino Night at Sparty’s
  • Rez Rocks with Maracujah
  • Blues Artist at Sparty’s - Jeff Lang
  • Fall Fling – Outdoor beer Gardens
  • Shinerama Wacky track Day
  • Shinerama Car Wash at Shanks
  • Shinerama Cabaret
  • Oct 3rd- Jon Ljungberg @ Sparty’s
  • Oct 8th- AEDDT Pub
  • Oct 10th- Tony Lee Hypnotist
  • Oct 15th- Sex with Sue @ the Orpheus Theatre
  • Oct 16th- Rick Bronson T&T
  • Oct 18th- Oktoberfest
  • Oct 26th- Halloween Cabaret )
  • Nov 1st- Ladies' Night Out @ Sparty’s
  • Nov 4th to 7th- Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Nov 13th- Careers Day
  • Nov 15th- Patricia Conroy
  • Jan 5th- SAITSA Nominations begin
  • Jan 8th- Warren Miler Move Night
  • Jan 10th- Celtic music @ Sparty’s
  • Jan 13th to 17th- SAITSA Awareness Week
  • Jan 15th- Labatt Trivia
  • Jan 17th- Indoor Beer Gardens
  • Jan 22nd- Labatt Extreme Sports Night
  • Jan 25th- Winterfest Cabaret
Spring Fling
Spring Fling was held in the Spartacus Lounge and began at 11am. Bands included Wide Mouth Mason, Captain Tractor and Plaid Tongued Devils (4/10/97, pg 13).
Christmas Party
SAITSA began hosting a Christmas party in 1996 for people who suffer from chronic mental health issues. SAITSA sponsored a dinner for the Creative Community Living Activities (CCLA) program, which teaches people with mental illnesses like schizophrena and maniac depression the skills they need in the community.
Key Persons Conference
A Key Persons Conference was held for all club executives on Oct 5th, 1996 (10/3/96, pg 5).
SAITSA Lottery
SAIT and NAIT put on a lottery which included 2,500 fantastic prizes (9/5/96, pg 15).

1997 - 1998

SAITSA Awareness Week
SAITSA held an awareness week for the Students' Association in September (9/11/97, pg 9).

Shinerama was held at the end of September. It was a week long event which ended with a party (9/11/97, pg 9). Although SAITSA did not reach the expected target of $6,500, the Shinerama events turned out to be a blast (10/2/1997, pg 6).

White Rose Ceremony
SAITSA presented the 8th annual White Rose Ceremony on December 5th 1997. At 12pm students and staff spent 10 minutes in silence to remember the loss of the 14 female engineering students at Ecole Polytechnique at the University of Montreal (12/11/1997, pg 4).

Halloween Party
SAITSA held a Halloween party for the children of SAIT students, staff and faculty (10/9/1997, pg 8).

Ski Trip to White Fish
The 2nd annual Ski Trip took place on February 13th to 16th. It was a three day ski trip to Whitefish for $235 (1/8/98, pg 14).

Events at the Spartacus Lounge:

  • Sept 5th Plaid Tongue Devils with Beer Garden- $5 included a t-shirt and free beer
  • Sept 10th Yuk Yuks Comedy Night- FREE
  • Sept 12th Rez Rocks Much Music Video Dance Party- $5 in advance
  • Sept 19th Caesar Tasting- FREE
  • Sept 26th Hypnotist- $5 in advance

Wide Mouth Mason played a sold out show at the Spartacus Lounge in January (1/15/98, pg 13).

The Irish Descendants played the Spring Fling (4/16/98, pg 18).

1998 - 1999

Shinerama for 1998 was a success. SAITSA raised $6,500 to go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Cause (10/1/1998, pg 1).

Spring Fling
Spring Fling for 1998 was a great success. Three bands played on the field and a beer garden was set up by the Spartacus Lounge.

White Ribbon Ceremony
The White Ribbon ceremony was held for the women who were murdered at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal on Dec 6th. A minute service was held and included poems, lying of roses and a moment of silence (12/10/1998, pg 1).

Christmas Party
SAITSA held a Children’s Christmas party for staff, students and alumni (12/10/98, pg 10).

Events at the Spartacus Lounge:

  • 54 40 played at the Spartacus Lounge on Feb 13 1999 (2/18/1999, pg 11).
  • A Learn to Dance Night as well as a Swing night was held in the Spartacus Lounge in April (3/25/1999, pg 5).
  • Sue Johanson spoke to 12 student at the Spartacus Lounge in February (2/18/1999, pg 13).
  • The Headstones and Nickelback played Spring Fling '99. Tickets were free for students and, for $5, the first beer came with a t-shirt (4/15/1999, pg 15).

SAITSA Awards Banquet
The SAITSA awards were given out at the Holiday Inn Downtown. Eighty people received awards at the semi-formal event (4/15/1999, pg 1).

1999 - 2000

A bachelor/bachelorette auction took place at the Spartacus Lounge. $1,600 was raised for Shinerama (9/23/1999, pg 9).

SAITSA Awareness Campaign
SAITSA awareness campaign was one of the priorities for 1999 to 2000 school year (8/23/99, pg 5).

Specials at Spartacus Lounge
Monday Cue and Cocktail - $3.95 for a 2 oz martini and free pool
Tuesday Labatt Out of the Blue - $2.25 Labatt Blue
Wednesday Clubbing Night - Student clubs at night Jugs $7.25
Thursday Wing Night - 20 cent wings and $8.25 Jugs of Grasshopper
Friday Funky - $9.75 for 5 oz cocktail jugs

Fall Fling
Fall Fling was an outdoor concert on the Campus Centre lawns. Wide Mouth Mason, Touchtone Gurus and Kinship highlighted the event. The outdoor beer gardens was sponsored by Molson (9/2/99, pg 2).

Octoberfest at Spartacus Lounge was held on Friday October 8th (10/7/99, pg 2).

Ski Trip to White Fish
SAITSA and Big Rock put on a Ski Trip to Whitefish Montana. The three day trip cost students $375 and included hotel accommodation, a pub crawl, lift tickets and a t-shirt (10/21/99, pg 6).

Sex and Alcohol Awareness Week
SAITSA put on a Sex and Alcohol Awareness Week. The week started off with a talk from Sue Johanson from the Sunday night Sex Show and ended with a Toga Party at the Spartacus Lounge (11/4/99, pg 2).

Community Kitchen
A community kitchen program began in April of 2000. Students had the opportunity to make 2 weeks worth of meals in 5 hours at a cost of $1 per meal (3/16/2000, pg 15).

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