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Cabaret Gallery

2001 - 2002

Fall Fest
Fall Fest was a four-day welcoming event for new and returning students. The event began with remote control stock car racing, skateboard demos, beer gardens, a climbing wall, bbq and an obstacle course. Fall Fling capped off the event. This event consisted of an outdoor concert and beer gardens on the soccer field outside of campus centre (8/22/01, pg 2).

United Way Fundraiser
SAITSA put on a bachelor/bachelorette auction on October 23th to raise money for United Way. SAITSA raised $2,000 to contribute towards the cause (11/14/01, pg 4).

Rez Rocks
Rez Rocks was an event held at the Gateway Restaurant and Bar for the students who lived on campus and was held every Tuesday night. Happy hour prices were extended all day and no cover was charged (9/5/2001, pg 2).

Alcohol Awareness Week
An Alcohol Awareness week was put on by SAITSA in October. Events included Trike Olympics, which gave the students a chance to drive an oversize tricycle while wearing drunk simulation glasses (10/10/01, pg 3).

On October 12th, SAITSA held Octoberfest at the Gate. The event included food and drink specials (10/10/01, pg 2).

Events at the Gateway
Retrograde played a free show at the Gate. The show was put on by SAITSA (11/28/01, pg 2).

Ski Trip to Kicking Horse
A Ski Trip to Kicking Horse was co-sponsored by Big Rock and SAITSA. The trip included a 2 day lift ticket, transportation and accommodation (1/9/02, pg 8).

2002 – 2003

Fall Fling
In past years, Fall Fling brought in anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 students (Summer 2002, pg 9).

Gateway Events

  • Sept 11- Karen Thirlwall
  • Sept 13- Default
  • Sept 18- Sandcastle Theory
  • Sept 20- Casbah
  • Sept 24- Sean Collins
  • Sept 26- Martina Sorbara
  • Sept 27- Not by Choice
  • Oct 4- Nintendo Playmates
  • Oct 5- Nintendo Playmates
  • Oct 8- Comedian Rick Bronson
  • Oct 9- Former drug smuggler Brian O’Dea
  • Oct 10- Since August
  • Oct 16- James Cunningham
  • Oct 23- Karen Thirlwall
  • Oct 25- Wil
  • Oct 29- Psychic Dan Valkos
  • Oct 29- Danny Michel with Guests
  • Nov 14- Blue Rodeo

2003 – 2004

Events at the Gateway
Default played Fall Fling on September 13th, 2002 at the Gateway (Summer 2002, pg 9).

Antifreeze was a mid winter party for students at SAIT. This all day party included beer gardens, a dance party and a DJ (1/19/03, pg 2).

Welcome Back BBQ
SAITSA co-sponsored the welcome back BBQ. The Student Executive Council cooked burgers for the new and returning students attending SAIT (1/16/03, pg 11).

2004 – 2005

Welcome Week
Welcome Week for 2004 ran from September 7th to 10th.

Events at the Gateway

  • Joshua’s Habit with Tupelo Honey, Friday Oct 1st, $5
  • Stabilo, Friday Sept 24th, $10
  • Fear Zero, Friday Oct 8th, $5
  • Closet Monster, Oct 5th, $5
  • The Faculty, Friday Nov 5th, $5
  • Jeremy Fisher, Thursday Nov 18th
  • The Axetreme Stripdown took place every Friday in November and December and was open to all students, staff, alumni and guests. A total of 36 bands battled it out for first place (12/9/04, pg 9).
  • On the third night of the Axetreme Stripdown battle of the bands a dozen fans were thrown out of the Gate for moshing (11/28/04, pg 11).
  • SAITSA’s Alumni Student Council put on Noggapalooza at the Gate. Starting at 2pm students were given a glass of rum and eggnog after entering the Gate (12/9/04, pg 2).
  • SAITSA hosted a free movie night at the Gate (1/13/05, pg 2).
  • A Karaoke party was held on December 3rd at the Gate.

For Halloween, a pinata was hung in the Heart Atrium (11/4/04, pg 6).

United Way Fundraiser
SAITSA and SAIT worked together to raise money for the United Way. SAITSA was responsible for part of the event, recruiting volunteers and providing the BBQ (10/21/04, pg 5).

Las Vegas Trip
SAITSA partnered with NAIT to plan a bus trip to Las Vegas for students (11/28/04, pg 11).

2005 - 2006

George Stroumboulopoulos
George Stroumboulopoulos came to speak to the students at SAIT in the Orpheus Theatre (9/15/05, pg 12).

Events at the Gateway

  • Hedley played at SAIT on Thursday September 29th 2005 (9/22/05, pg 2).</p>
  • Our Lady Peace
  • SAIT and SAITSA Tradeshow
  • ASCENT Fun Day included a climbing wall, race cars and BBQ
  • Theory of a Deadman
  • Tupelo Honey
  • Edward the Great
  • Last chance for Love PJ party
  • The Gateway held “Friday Night Live” (12/8/05, pg 5).
  • A Battle of the Bands was held on March 24th. Advertising began on March 2nd for the event (3/2/06, pg 2).

For Halloween, SAITSA had a pumpkin carving contest for students. Each team was charged $5, which included the pumpkin and craving tools (10/27/05, pg 2).

SAITSA Awareness
SAITSA put on an event at the Gate to explain how the SAITSA fee was used on campus. SAITSA SWAG was given away at this event (11/17/05, pg 14).

Las Vegas Trip
SAITSA held a road trip to Vegas for 3 nights. The trip included transportation and accommodations and cost students $400.00 (1/15/06, pg 9).

Gateway Specials

  • Monday- 24 cent Wings
  • Tuesday- $1.50 Tacos
  • Wednesday- $4.99 Pasta
  • Thursday- $5.25 Martinis

SAITSA Awards Banquet
The SAITSA Awards took place on Saturday April 8th at Hotel Arts (4/13/06, pg 3).

2006 - 2007

Events at the Gateway

  • Tupelo Honey, $5 for Students $8 for others
  • Edward the Great, $5
  • Stabilo, $15
  • Jason Collect, $15
  • Trailer Park Party with Randy and Mr. Lahey, $20
  • Ugly Sweater Karaoke Night

Welcome Week
Welcome Week began on Sept 5th with an Outdoor movie that attracted 400 students (9/21/06, pg 2).

A pumpkin carving contest was held in the Heart Atrium on October 31st (10/5/06, pg 16).

Rummage Sale
SAITSA held a Rummage Sale on November 15th in the Heart Atrium. The majority of the items came from vacating lockers. The proceeds from the event went to a charity (11/10/06, pg 11).

Sex Awareness Day
For SAITSA’s Sex Awareness Day, the Executive Council brought in Sue Johanson from the Sunday Night Sex show to speak to students (11/2/06, pg 8).

New Years Ski Trip to Kicking Horse
SAITSA put on a New Year's Ski Trip to Kicking Horse. The students joined NAIT, the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge Community College. The trip cost students $299 for three nights accommodation, a New Years bash and 2 lift tickets (11/23/06, pg 4).

Las Vegas Trip
The annual trip to Las Vegas was cancelled due to lack of interest (1/18/07, pg 3).

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dog the Bounty Hunter visited the SAIT campus and spoke to students at the SAIT gym. Tickets for the show were $25 (4/5/07, pg 9).

2007 - 2008

Welcome Week
During Welcome Week SAITSA celebrated its 85th anniversary. Events throughout the week included:

  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • SAITSA Expo
  • ACSENT Fun Day
  • Fall Fest

Events at the Gateway

  • Social Code
  • Bedouin Soundclash
  • Hedley
  • Ugly Sweater Party
  • Faber Drive
  • Edward the Great
  • Ten Second Epic
  • Chixodiggit
  • Gob
  • Said the Whale and Maurice
  • Randy and Mr. Lahey
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