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1950 - 1951

Items for Sale
In 1946, sweaters and pullovers in the school’s colours sold for $4.85 and $6.85. In 1951, they sold for $7.40 and $9.50. In 1948, they sold ties, scarves, diamond socks, t-shirts and sweat shirts. They moved to toques and ties in 1950. Sales for 1951 totaled $4,000.

The first record of a Students' Association operation was cited in a 1951 Weal issue. The article referenced a column from 1944-1945 by store manager Eli Lantkow. The store sold rings, buttons, pins and Christmas cards.

1969 to 1970

Student Activities Building
The Student Activities Building, also known as the SAB, opened their doors 7 days a week. The SAB was home to SAIT’s gymnasium, TV room, recreation room, the Emery Weal, HAM radio and the photo area (10/24/69, pg 3).

SAITan's Den
SAITan’s Den began without permission from the Student Executive Government. It started with personal finances of people interested in starting the operation (11/7/69, pg 3). SAITan’s Den was open for students to enjoy live music and coffee on Sunday nights. An estimated 35 students attended the opening night. The SEC supported the event with coffee from silver collection (10/31/69, pg 6). Visitors from other schools such as Mount Royal and U of C also attended the SAITan's Den Coffee House (2/27/70 pg 15).

Pin Ball Machines
SAITSA partnered up with the Southern Music of Calgary to provide students with three pin ball machines: Spooks, Playtime and Major League. SAITSA received 40% of the profits while the remaining 60% went to the Southern Music of Calgary. The pinball machines brought in an average of $55 a week (12/5/69, pg 3). A new pinball machine was added to the SAB and took in $42 in the first day (2/30/70, pg ).

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