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1970 - 1971

SAITan’s Den
SAITan’s Den, which was open for the student body on Sundays, was managed by a first year Business Administration student. The admission to the events cost 35 cents per single and 50 cents per couple. The atmosphere was relaxed with candle lights and checkered tables. Coffee provided from Eze-Brew was free and unlimited, while chips, peanuts, cheezies and pop were for sale (9/25/70, pg 4).

SAITan’s Den wasn’t created to make a profit but was created to entertain students (10/23/1970 pg 1). The hours for the SAITan’s Den were extended in 1971, opening at 7pm on Sunday and closing at 10:30pm (12/4/1970, pg 8). A new twist was put into action at SAITan’s Den; live music was replaced by a hypnotist who used the crowed as his guinea pigs.

Student Activity Building
The Student Activity Building also known as the SAB began a $35,000 addition in January of 1971. The new addition was built to provide storage for heavy equipment, examination tables, chairs, and other general equipment (1/15/71, pg 1). Summer hours for the SAB began in May and ended in June. On weekdays, the building was open from 9am to 9pm and on Saturday the building was open from 10am to 5pm (5/14/71, pg 4). Friday February 26, 1971 was the first day liquor was served on campus. Beer was the drink of choice at the cabaret and attendance was restricted to those who were 21 and over (2/25/71, pg 1). On the second cabaret night, female students served beer to the tables and the sales tripled (3/26/71, pg 1).

1972 - 1973

SAITSA Seconds
SAITSA opened a consignment book exchange for students, where SAITSA received 10% of the profits from each book sold. The book exchange was held in the SAB in room G 105 (10/6/72, pg 1).

The SAIT Shop
The SAIT Shop was located in the Student Activity Building and sold a variety of items to students including (4/13/73, pg 7):

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars, cigarillos, tobacco, papers and lighters
  • Yearbooks
  • Sheepskin Coats
  • Warm up Shells
  • School Rings
  • Frisbees, kites, models, games, posters, t-shirts and mugs

A bylaw was once in place to prohibit the SAIT Shop from competing against the bookstore. Once the bylaw was lifted, the SAIT Shop carried jackets, t-shirts and several text books (10/12/1973, pg 5). SAIT jackets were sold at the SAIT Shop in the SAB for $32.00 each. Students had the ability to personalize their jackets by adding their name and program of study, as well as changing the lining of the jacket(10/12/1973, pg 4).

1973 - 1974

1973-1974 SAIT Shop II.jpg

A bylaw was passed for employees of the SAIT Shop regarding enrollment at SAIT. Employment was considered only if the following criteria were met (12/18/1974, pg 1):
-Enrolled in any program at SAIT (formerly only Business Administration Students could apply)
-Minimum of 15 hours of classes per week
-GPA of 1.0
The SAIT Shop raised their prices on Open House days (2/22/1974, pg 5).

SAIT Shop II opened on December 4th, 1973. The shop was located in the Tower building (11/23/1973, pg 12). In the first week of operation the shop grossed $1,000 in sales, with cigarettes and popcorn as the best sellers (12/14/1973, pg 1).

Bowling Alley
The Society of the Aeronautical Students managed and operated the SAIT Bowling Alley from 1973 to 1974. Students paid 50 cents per person per game and had a choice of playing in the recreational league or in the intramural league (11/16/1973, pg 11).

Games for Students
The Students' Association building had the following items available for sign out:

  • Crib boards
  • Cards
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Bingo Sets

Dental Clinic
The dental clinic opened its doors in January of 1974. The clinic charged students $2 for polishing and fluoridation of the teeth (11/15/1974, pg1).

1974 - 1975

The student pub was a place for students to enjoy a cold beer. Students complained about the poor lighting, small tables and the non existing ash trays in the pub (11/29/1974, pg 2).
The on campus pub manager was responsible for hiring staff and supervising all affiliated activities. The manager was also responsible for supplying floats for all waiters (11/6/1974, pg 1).

The coffeehouse was to reopen with the help of the Tourism Accommodation Restaurant Association in January of 1975. Folk musicians entertained the crowd and free coffee and tea was included in the $1 entry free. Donuts were also for sale (12/29/1974, pg 3). The student council took over Cinema SAIT and let go of the previous managers (12/13/1974, pg 1).

Parking stalls were assigned to 110 students. Those receiving stalls were chosen by need, based on (10/4/1974, pg 11):

  • distance travelled
  • health problems
  • full time work after school

Any remaining stalls were given to students randomly drawn from a hat.

Sports Equipment
A large variety of sports equipment was available for rent in the SAB. Items for rent included (10/18/1974, pg 4):

  • footballs
  • soccer balls
  • basket balls
  • badminton rackets
  • volley balls
  • ping pong bats
  • chess sets
  • cribbage boards

1975 - 1976

Activity Centre
A new $7.6 million student activity centre was scheduled to begin construction on November 1st of 1975. The building was expected to house the following facilities:

  • Gymnasium
  • 25 meter swimming pool
  • Skating rink
  • Squash and handball courts
  • Weight training
  • Wrestling
  • Steam rooms
  • Pub
  • Quiet dry lounge
  • Games area
  • Music rooms
  • Arts and craft areas
  • 400 small stage theatre

An ombudsman was hired on trial basis for the 1975 to 1976 school year. The student ombudsman was hired to listen to students who have failed to get any response from the usual channels (4/11/1975, pg 1).

1977 - 1978

New Sound System
Money was left over from SAITSA's damage fund for the previous year. Part of the $36,000 was expected to be spent on a new sound system for the SAIT pub and the cabarets put on by the Students' Association (9/23/1977, pg 1). The sound system was installed on February 10th and cost $7,859.90 (2/10/1978, pg 3).

SAB Facilities
The Student Activities Building encouraged students to use the facilities on campus. Locker and towel services were available for a fee of $4 and then $3 would be refunded when the locker and towel were returned. Unfortunately, female students were not issued lockers. Items that were available for use in the facility included (10/14/1977, pg 11):

  • Footballs
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Skipping ropes
  • Punching bags
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton rackets
  • Gymnastics equipment
  • Checkers
  • Frisbees
  • Chess

Cinema SAIT
Cinema SAIT presented the Academy award winning movie Rocky. The operation charged students $1.50, which was much less than what the theatres were charging downtown (12/2/1977, pg 4).

SAIT Shop I sold jeans and other apparel to students in the Student Activity Centre (12/2/1977, pg 12).

New Stereo System
A new stereo system that would cost SAITSA $8,000 was planned to be installed mid February. The money was to come from leftover damage funds from the previous year (1/20/1978, pg 1).

1978 - 1979


  • Ran Fridays and Saturdays in the SAB from 2pm to 6pm
  • Had live music entertainment
  • Beer cost 50 cents (9/29/1978, pg 2)

SAIT administration wanted to change the pub hours to two hours per day instead of three because they felt it was a distraction from student studies. However, the Students' Association felt that the hours of operation were appropriate as not everyone on campus was in class at that time. (10/6/1978, pg 1)

Pub Events
The largest pub of the year featured Lighthouse and special guest Foxglove. Admission was $1 and the beer was two for one (11/17/78, pg 12).

Cinema SAIT
Movies were shown on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Parking Privileges
Approximately 80 reserved parking spots were available to students who placed their name in the parking privilege draw.

Students' Association

  • The Students' Association looked after approximately $150,000 (11/3rd/1978, pg 2).
  • As cabarets at SAIT were getting out of control, the Students' Association sought a solution to the problem. They made sure that the security staff who worked the events stayed sober and that only a limited number of guests attended the events. In addition, they asked all attendees to show their ID cards to verify that they were indeed students (2/2/1979, pg 2).
  • The Students' Association planned to introduce a SAIT travel service to reduce travelling costs for students and SAIT teams. The program would be adopted from the U of C's travel service and would eliminate the cost of agency commission fees (2/2/1979, pg 17).

SAIT Shop IV, a concession booth, was opened in the Oshawa Hall (2/23/1979, pg 9).

Rules set by SAITSA Activity Board
Tighter liquor rules were implemented after several fights took place at student events at SAIT(2/16/79, pg 1).

  • Club Cabarets
    • Liquor and room applications must be filled out by VP
    • Maximum charge for students: $3.50
    • Admission was restricted to SAIT students with a maximum of two guests each
    • Club executives were responsible for the events
    • Seating capacity was managed by security
    • Club bars were to be set in room G101
    • No beer bottles could be handed out
    • Bartenders and club executives were responsible for using reasonable discretion in the amount of alcohol consumed by any one individual
  • Keggers
    • Restricted to club members plus one
    • No on or off campus advertising was allowed for the event
    • Beer was to be sold by the cup
    • Once the beer was consumed, the function was over
    • Maximum of 30 people per keg
  • Pub
    • Admission fee: 50 cents
    • Student ID must be shown
    • 400 people was the maximum capacity (2/2/1979, pg 3)</p>

The reserved parking program put on by SAITSA became a problem when people who were not authorized to park in the reserved spots started parking in the designated spots (2/23/1979, pg 1).

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