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1980 - 1981

Campus Centre & Spartacus Lounge
Campus Centre opened on November 19th, 1980, a few months late from its projected August opening (11/21/1980, pg 1). Campus Centre was home to a number of SAITSA offices, including publications, and Spartacus Lounge, home of the SAITSA run Friday night pubs. By 1983, discussions began on the idea of opening a full-time SAITSA run lounge at Spartacus, or Sparty's as it was fondly referred to. Sparty's began operations as a lounge in January of 1985. It was open Mondays through Thursdays from 4pm-8pm and served sandwiches, salads and non-alcoholic refreshments in addition to bar fare of beer, wine and hard liquor which was available each day from 4pm-7:30pm (1/24/85, pg 17).

In January of 1981, Merv Parker, coordinator of Student Services met with SAITSA executives and threatened to cancel all future cabarets due to a security report of violence at January 9th and 16th events. SAITSA executives said that the report of security guards with blood on their shirts was exaggerated. Only one security guard had blood on his shirt and it was from helping a cabaret-goer who needed stitches for a cut above his eye. SAITSA and Parker came to an agreement that cabarets could continue as long as attendance at cabarets would be curbed to 360 people and bar staff would limit alcohol to patrons who may have had too much (1/23/81, pg 1-2).

1981 - 1982

Spartacus Lounge
The SAIT pub, also known as Spartacus Lounge, was only open on Friday evenings beginning at 4:30pm. The administration at SAIT was worried that if the bar was open at all times students would be found drinking instead of being in class. Beer at the Pub was $1 less than everywhere else so students could save their money (9/25/1981, pg 2).

Cinema SAIT
Cinema SAIT ran on Wednesday nights and was held in the Orpheus for an admission price of $1 (9/25/1981, pg 8). Cabarets were held in the Symposium Room on Friday and Saturday nights (9/25/1981, pg 8).

Music Lounge
A music listening lounge was located in the Campus Centre and was a place for students to relax and enjoy some tunes (9/25/1981, pg 8).
A music lounge opened next to the Orpheus Theatre in the campus centre on October 15th, 1982. The room could accommodate up to 16 students at a time and 500 different records were kept in the music lounge. In order to access the room, students would give the music monitor their ID cards in exchange for a pair of headphones.

1982 - 1983

SAIT started to charge students for parking in the fall of 1982 (5/14/1982, pg1).

SAIT Shops
There were four different SAIT Shops in 1982: SAIT Shop I, SAIT Shop II, SAIT Shop II, and SAIT Shop IV (8/17/1982).

A reserved parking spot at SAIT in 1982 cost students $54 per month.

1983 - 1984

SAITSA City Discount Card
In August of 1983, SAITSA City began working on creating a SAITSA City discount card for the 1983 to 1984 school year. The card offered discounts to 20 different stores around Calgary and was handed out on registration day for free. At the end of the year, students who had used the card and kept the receipts were entered into a draw (8/23/1983, pg 2).

SAITSA looked into establishing a permanent home for the Friday Night Pubs (1/13/1984, pg 1). A survey conducted by SAITSA showed that students at SAIT were in favour of a full time lounge on campus. Unfortunately, the advisory committee did not approve the idea. The Executive Government was not pleased with this decision and continued to negotiate the idea of a full time lounge on campus (3/8/1984, pg 1).
On March 30th, 1984 the T.G.I.F pubs operated by the SAIT Students' Association opened at 3pm rather than 4:30pm (3/29/1984, pg 1). After arrangements were made to host the pub nights at 3pm, the administration decided to reverse their response and push back the start time to the original 4:30pm (4/5/1984, pg 1).

A break-in occurred at the SAIT Shop in March of 1984. Police estimated that approximately $800 worth of merchandise was stolen (3/15/1984, pg 1).

A management change occurred at SAIT Shop IV, which was open in the Owasina Hall (student residence). The residence took over the management from SAITSA and split the profits 60% for SAITSA and 40% for the residence (4/19/1984, pg 3).

1984 - 1985

Donation Policy
Despite opposition, SRC adopted a donation policy on Monday, November 19th. The purpose was to provide the Students’ Association with guidelines for considering funding to charitable groups (11/29/1984, pg 3).

Spartacus Lounge
New additions to the Spartacus Lounge included a Shooter bar, which featured 5 new shooters every Friday and a special drink each Friday (1/24/1985, pg 8).
The board of governors gave SAITSA permission to operate a lounge in the Campus Centre for a trial period. This meant that the Spartacus Lounge could serve more than booze and be open each day of the workweek. It operated Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 8pm and served sandwiches, salads and non-alcoholic refreshments. Regular bar fare of beer, wine and hard liquor was still available from 4pm to 7:30pm.

1987 - 1988

Information Centres
SAITSA was instrumental in bringing Information Centres to help students navigate campus. With money from the ’88 Legacy Fund (the Olympic Organizing Committee’s gift to SAIT for its help during the 1988 Winter Games), seven centres were installed on various locations on campus. They held brochures, display posters and three held computers providing campus information.

1989 - 1990

Smoke-free SAIT affects SAITSA
In 1986 to 1987, SAIT became a non-smoking institute. After realizing that this decision lost SAITSA $50,000 per year, the association needed something that would compensate for this loss. This was achieved through the construction of SenSAITions and the Tuck Shop in the Senator Burns Building (12/14/1989, pg 1).

Business Cards
Business cards for students were available at SenSAITions in the Senator Burns Building at a cost of $40 for 500 cards (9/21/1989, pg 2 Weal).

Cigarette Sales
The Students' Association proposed to sell cigarettes at the Spartacus Lounge during SA sponsored functions . The money that was raised would go towards the following:

  • 50% to a drug and alcohol abuse centre on campus
  • 25% to fund a computer centre
  • 25% to the learning skills centre (12/14/1989, pg 1).

Spartacus Lounge
To attract students, the Spartacus Lounge bought Satellite TV’s and began to serve finger foods (12/14/1989, pg 3).

Logo Contest
A contest was created for students at SAIT and ACA to create a SenSAITions logo (4/12/1990, pg 3).

T-shirts and sweatshirts were sold at SenSAITions for $10 to $20 (11/2/1989, pg 2).

Games Room
The games room held 3 tournaments within the month of November. The entry fee cost students $5 (11/2/1989, pg 16).

Automatic Doors
SAITSA helped fund three new automatic doors on campus to aid people with disabilities in accessing SAIT facilities. Funded by both the Legacy Fund and SAITSA, the doors were installed in the Campus Centre, Thomas Riley building and the A-block of Heritage Hall. SAITSA donated $1,300 to the $6,000 project. It was initiated by SAITSA and the institute’s Disabled Access Committee.

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