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1990 - 1991

Donation to LSC
SAITSA approved a one-time donation of $1,700 to SAIT’s Learning Skills Centre. LSC announced it would have to make cutbacks due to overspending.

Two SenSAITtions employees were robbed at knifepoint on March 1, 1991. The culprit took $15.

1992 - 1993

Spartacus Lounge
Students were evacuated from Sparty’s during a Rez Rocks party when a fire alarm sounded on September 26, 1992 (10/1/92).

Business Manager
SAITSA’s business manager, Anna Koutis, was fired on recommendations from SAITSA’s auditors. The recommendation was based on the poor state of SAITSA’s financial records (10/22/92).

Food Bank
SAITSA took over the campus food bank operations from the Alumni Association (Dec. 9, 1993 Weal).

1993 - 1994

Facelift for Spartacus Lounge
Sparty’s received a facelift including new video screens, sound system, real glassware and carpeting (9/9/93).  

SAITSA approved the offering of Safewalk services on campus (9/2/93 Weal). SAITSA launched the program on Oct. 25, 1993. The free service gave anyone on campus an escort after dark. Four people used the service on the first night. In November, 2004 SAITSA hosted the National Safewalk Conference.

1995 - 1996

Safewalk Heroes
Safewalk volunteers Heather Bundy, Barbara MacDonald and Randy Brogden helped a man having a seizure and called 911 (Dec. 7, 1995 Weal).

1996 - 1997

Volunteer Centre
The Volunteer Centre worked in partnership with the Calgary Volunteer Centre (8/26/1996, pg 4).

SAITSA Programs
The following programs were available to students in the 1996 to 1997 school year:

  • Off Campus Housing
  • Bike Patrol
    • SAITSA hired students to work part time as the campus bike patrol. Students were paid $7 per hour for their services (8/26/96, pg 9).
  • The campus caravan was a place for students to watch TV and play video games and was open from 7:30am to 3pm. The supervisor of the caravan earned $8 per hour (8/26/96, pg 9).
  • Peer Support Centre and Volunteer Centre
    • A logo design contest was held for students to create the Peer Support Centre and Volunteer Centre logos. The winner won $50 and a free t-shirt (8/26/96, pg 9).

SAITSA Student Employment
SAITSA operations employed approximately 90 students at (8/26/1996, pg 4):

  • SenSAITions
  • Owasina Oasis
  • SAITSA Seconds
  • Spartacus Lounge

1997 - 1998

Spartacus Lounge
The Spartacus Lounge had strict policies about alcohol consumption. Each year the staff at the Spartacus Lounge underwent monitory training (12/11/97, pg 2).

Customer Appreciation Night
Customer Appreciation Night at Sparty’s happened each Monday night and was sponsored by Corona (3/5/98, pg 14).

1999 - 2000

Spartacus Lounge
A contest to create the Spartacus Lounge logo was open to all students. The winner took home $500 (10/21/1999, pg 1). For the first time ever, the Spartacus Lounge stayed open all summer (3/9/2000, pg 1).

Campus Microwaves
More microwaves were added to SAIT by SAITSA. The microwaves were cleaned once a day by the volunteer coordinator (11/25/1999, pg 1).

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