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2001 - 2002

Student Lockers
SAIT passed the management of the school lockers over to SAITSA in 2001, at which point SAITSA discovered that they were the only school that did not charge a fee for locker rentals. SAITSA decided to introduce a $25 yearly locker fee (8/5/01, pg 5).

Gateway Grand Opening.jpg

Spartacus Lounge
The Spartacus Lounge changed its name to the Gateway Restaurant and Bar for the beginning of the 2001 to 2002 school year. The bar was also renovated and held its grand opening on August 27th, 2001 (08/22/01, pg 2).

Flames Tickets
SAITSA sold Flames tickets to students for $20 each. The Students' Association encouraged students to go to the Gateway before and after the games (10/2/01, pg 2).

2002 - 2003

Safewalk was available to students and staff Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 12am. Safewalk volunteers would provide an escort to or from one's vehicle or place of residence, within close proximity to campus (10/10/2002, pg 14).

Gateway Logo.jpg

From September 16th to 23rd pints of Keith were sold for $3.75 (9/19/2002, pg 2). High Balls after 8pm at the Gate cost students $2.25 (10/3/2002, pg 2).

Student Lockers
SAITSA changed the prices for locker rentals to $26.75 for a full sized locker and $21.40 for a half sized locker (Summer 2002, pg 3).

2004 - 2005

Food orders between 11am and 2pm were mandatory for students purchasing alcoholic beverages (11/25/04, pg 5).

On Valentine’s Day, SenSations and SenSations Express held a customer appreciation day where small slushies were sold for 25 cents each.

2005 - 2006

Student Resource Centre
In fall of 2005, SAITSA launched its student resource centre, located at MB216 in the Heart Building. It was a facility to address a variety of student needs from job hunting to help with filing income tax returns.

SAITSA struggled to hire staff for the SAITSA operations in 2006. The original idea of only hiring students backfired and the operations were forced to hire staff from outside SAIT (1/19/06, pg 4).

Tax Return Program
At the end of February, SAITSA offered a free tax return service to students. SAITSA asked students to volunteer and those who were chosen attended a training session (1/19/06, pg 5).

Campus Microwaves
On November 2, new microwaves were added. Even with these new additions, students still needed to wait approximately 15 minutes to zap their food (3/2/05, pg 5).

2006 - 2007

A SAITSA Campus Safewalk logo contest was held and the winner was New Media Production and Design Student Trudy Lui. On Jan 8th, SAITSA started serving breakfast to students at the Gate (1/11/07, pg 4).

2007 - 2008

Odyssey Coffeehouse
SAITSA was handed keys to the space for the Odyssey Coffeehouse on October 31st, 2007. In order to secure the space from SAIT, SAITSA donated 1 million dollars to the school (11/15/07, pg 3).

2010 - 2011

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