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Yearbook Gallery

1980 - 1981

Emery Weal
A 'U fill it' section was created in the Emery Weal for students to post poems and pictures in. One page each week was set aside for students to share their work with the rest of the school (5/29/1981, pg 11).

1981 - 1982

Emery Weal
A weekly crossword and a weekly horoscope was incorporated into the Emery Weal for the 1981 to 1982 school year (9/25/1981, pg 11).

A 'party of the week' section was included on the last page of the Weal. Each week, two students were assigned to a party and wrote about their experience (10/23/1981, pg 1).

Advertising Rates (11/20/1981, pg 5)

Agate Line $ .40
Column Inch $5.60
Eighth Page $50.00 (3 col. X 1.2”)
Quarter Page $95.00 (3 col. X 7”)
Half Page $200.00 (6 co. X 7”)
Full Page $400.00 (6 co. X 14”)

7,500 copies

The paper was distributed among 50,000 people, including day students, part time students, staff and faculty, plus there was an Alumni mail out of 1,500 copies.

Emery Squeal
The Emery Squeal was a special edition of the newspaper that ran periodically throughout the year. It was a nonfactual edition with sensationalist and humorous articles.

1982 - 1983

The student yearbook was sent directly to students' homes for a total of $18, which included the postage fee (10/8/1982 pg 6).

Emery Weal
When SAIT brought in 5 telidon’s (a videotex/teletextservice developed by the Canadian Communications Research Centre (CRC) during the late 1970s and early 1980s) the Weal was not afraid of being put out of business. (2/11/1983, pg 4).

1983 - 1984

Emery Weal
An article was published this year about how the SAIT student newspaper received its name. It was named in 1926 and students at this time had a passion for complicated puns, therefore naming the school newspaper the “Emery Weal”. An emery wheel was a mechanical device used for polishing metal and stones (8/26/1983, pg 1).

The September 16th issue of the Emery Weal included a crossword puzzle (9/16/1983, pg 7).

A parking survey was placed in the Emery Weal (9/23/1983, pg 15).

The Emery Weal editor, Betty Dargie, resigned from her position in October of 1983 as she felt it was nearly impossible to go to school full time and run the paper (10/20/1983, pg 1).

A section in the Emery Weal was set aside for SAIT Residence (2/2/1984, pg 3).

On SAIT, the SAIT yearbook cut its price in half for the 1983 to 1984 school year. The book which originally cost students $20 went down to $10. This price even included the postage fee, as the yearbooks were sent directly to the students' homes (8/23/1983, pg 3).

Weal Staff 84 - 85 caption.jpg

1984 - 1985

Weal looks at Budget

  • Students paid $80 in 1984 for SAITSA fees
  • The Weal looked into how the money was spent and hoped for the co-operation of the Student Council (4/18/1985,pg 2)

Weal Budget
SAITSA approved $19,000 for the Emery Weal typesetting machine.

1989 - 1990

Emery Weal
SAITSA, along with SAIT, proposed the idea of creating an area in each building to hold a Touch Source Computer, a bulletin board, whiteboard, a pamphlet box, a distribution point for the Emery Weal and a suggestion box. The project was expected to cost $46,000 (9/21/1989, pg 1).

A “What’s Happening” section was included in the Emery Weal. This section informed students on events around campus (9/21/1989, pg 9).

The November 30th issue of the Weal was cancelled due to exams and a term break (11/23/1989, pg 4).

SAITSA organized the individual yearbook photos (2/8/1990, pg 3).

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