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1996 - 1997

SAITSA Publications

  • The Emery Weal
  • The Survival Guide
  • Yearbook

Weal and Yearbook Photographer
The Weal and Yearbook photographer quit after he was turned down from entering a concert at the Spartacus Lounge because he did not have a pass (11/21/1996, pg 3).

Weal Survey
A survey was put in the Weal to evaluate the executives from a student’s perspective (12/12/1996, pg 13).

Survival Guide
Due to the high demand, more Survival Guides were printed for the 1996 to 1997 school year (1/16/1997, pg 1).

Weal Editors
The Weal paid editors $100 per issue and the distribution manager $20 per issue. Editing duties included news, photo, sports and entertainment (3/27/1997, pg 2).

1997 - 1998

Emery Weal
The Emery Weal Distribution Manager received $50 per issue, which was a $30 raise from the previous year.

Survival Guide
The SAITSA Survival Guide included a day timer, academic information, coupons and information on student services (8/25/1997, pg 15).

1999 - 2000

SAITSA Questionnaire
A SAITSA questionnaire was included in the Weal (1/13/2000, pg 9).  

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