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2000 - 2001

The U-pass was introduced at SAIT in 2001 and was the first post secondary school in Alberta to adopt the program. The U-pass was mandatory for all students, regardless of their transportation habits, and cost $35 per semester as part of their student fees (9/5/01, pg 4).

After withdrawing from the Alberta Colleges and Technical Institutes Student Executive Council (ACTISEC) in the summer of 1997, SAITSA returned to the organization in the fall of 2000.

SAITSA President Listens to Student Concerns
Kat Tsakumis, President of SAITSA, set aside time to listen to students concerns. Instead of inviting students to her office, she set up a table in the Heart Atrium (10/31/01, pg 2).

VP Academic Resignation
SAITSA VP Academic, Allyson Anderson, resigned from council due to Academic issues (1/15/02, pg 7).

SAITSA Phone Information Line
SAITSA had a phone line that informed students on current events (4/10/02, pg 16).

2001 - 2002

Good Food Box
Good Food Boxes were sold to SAIT students. The boxes ranged from $10 to $25 and contained fruit, vegetables and non perishable food items (10/3/01, pg 5).

Community Kitchen
SAITSA held a Community Kitchen Program for students. This program allowed students to create 14 meals for $28 (9/19/01, pg 12).

Health and Dental Plan
The Health and Dental Plan extended the drop out day in 2001. Coverage in the Health and Dental Plan included:

  • Prescription drugs 80%
  • Hospital Stay 100%
  • Therapy 100% up to $300/ year
  • Chiropractor 100% up to $300/ year
  • Naturopath 100% up to $300/ year
  • Ambulance 100%
  • Artificial limbs and prosthetics 100%
  • Annual dental exam 100%
  • Oral Surgery 75%

ACTISEC Conference
SAITSA hosted the ACTISEC conference in November of 2001. The event included workshops on professional development, event planning and government relations. To be part of ACTISEC SAITSA paid $10,000 each year in fees (11/7/01, pg 4).

SAITSA Student Fees (summer 2002, pg 6)

SAIT Campaign Fund $7.84
Capital Asset $12.25
Summer Working Capital $18.03
General Operations $20.58
Publications $20.00
Student Services $14.99

SAITSA began holding its by-elections online in March, 2002.

2002 - 2003

Richard Cross Bursary
SAITSA started the Richard Cross bursary in 2002. Cross was the president of the Students’ Association in 1984-85 school year and is credited with revamping the way student council operates on campus. He reduced the number of student government positions and made it run more like a business, with employee health benefits. He graduated from the petroleum engineering program in 1985. He passed away on December 8th, 2000.

The U-Pass cost for 2002 to 2003 went up to $45 per semester (Summer 2002, pg 3).

SAITSA’s web site was launched at (summer 2002, pg 7).

Bringing Coke to Campus
SAITSA President, Kat Tsakumis, and SAITSA General Manager, Michael Stickney, were involved in the process of bringing Coke to campus. Coke promised to support the school by bringing in $15,000 worth of scholarships for students at SAIT (9/12/2002, pg 4).

A Smoke Free Campus
Kat Tsakumis, the SAITSA President, sat on the Fresh Air Committee, which was responsible for prepping SAIT to become a smoke free campus by August 15th, 2004. The largest concern for SAITSA was making the Gateway smoke free (9/19, 2002, pg 3).

Gord Nixon, the VP Academic, worked with SAIT to develop a subcommittee for the e-learning program at SAIT (1/23/03, pg 6).

Executive Position Changes
Tony Johanson, SAITSA’s VP Marketing and Promotions executive, felt that he did not have enough time in the day to fulfill his job duties. After talking to Michael Stickney, the SAITSA General Manager, they found that the position needed to be changed. The VP Marketing and Promotions job was changed to the VP Student Life in 2003 and a full-time Marketing Coordinator position opened up (1/30/2003, pg 7).

Candidates for 2003-2004
For the 2003 to 2004 school year, there were 8 candidates for the SA council (3/20/03, pg 13).</p>

SAITSA and the SAIT Alumni Relations joined together in a formal agreement in April of 2003. The agreement was the first of its kind in North America and the partnership doubled the previous $4,000 funding budget to registered clubs (4/17/03, pg 4).

2004 - 2005

The U-pass cost rose from $55 per semester to $72 per semester (9/12/04, pg 12).

SAITSA proposed that the students who attend the University of Lethbridge at the SAIT campus should pay SAITSA fees (9/16/04, pg 9).

Health and Dental Plan
SAITSA’s health and dental plan did not cover athletic therapy, although it did cover physiotherapy. Therefore students who used the onsite athletic therapy centre paid for their treatments out of their own pockets (9/23/04, pg 14).

VP Academic Searches for Academic Council Members
Clare Wagner, VP Academic, was responsible for finding three members to sit on the Academic Council. The Academic Council was a subcommittee of the Board of Governors and met every second Tuesday of the month from 3pm to 5pm (9/23/04, pg 4).

SAITSA Encourages Voting
During the provincial elections, SAITSA encouraged students to vote. They invited students to go to to find election information (10/28/04, pg 4).

Exam Locations
SAITSA VP Academic, Clare Wagner, looked into changing the location of the exams on campus and asked the students at SAIT for suggestions (11/18/04, pg 6).

Student Services
SAITSA Student Services Centre started its emergency contact program in the winter of 2004. Students with young children could now be contacted in class if there was an emergency with their child.

Operation Christmas Child
SAITSA worked with the students to organize a toy drive for Operation Christmas Child (11/18/04, pg 6).

Day of Action
SAIT held the first ACTISEC Day of Action demonstration rally against raising the cost of tuition in Alberta. Over 600 students from across Alberta attended the event (11/25/04, pg 9).

Marketing and Communications Department
SAITSA received a Marketing and Communications Department in the 2003 to 2004 academic year (12/9/04, pg 5).

SAITSA By the Numbers, 2003 to 2004
SAITSA brought in over $3.65 million in revenues and spent $3.47 million. The student fee for 2003 to 2004 was $104 and there were 27 clubs (12/9/04, pg 5).

SAITSA Executive Roles(2/24/05, pg 16)

  • Face of SAITSA
  • Responsible for working within SAIT to instill change on behalf of students
  • Represent student interest on a civic, provincial and national level
  • Oversee all 3 VP’s and operations

VP Internal Administration

  • Chief Financial officer for SAITSA
  • Oversee a $3.7 million budget and the daily operations of SAITSA, including the Health and Dental Plan

VP Academic and Student Affairs

  • Manage student clubs, events and special projects
  • Work to enhance student life on campus

SAITSA joined CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Students' Associations, in February of 2005. Joining the group cost SAITSA $19,135 (3/3/05, pg 5).

2005 - 2006

SAITSA Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities through SAITSA included:

  • Tax Program
  • SAITSA promotion team
  • SAITSA posting boards

CASA in Ottawa
When the Canadian Assembly of Students' Associations lobbied in Ottawa for improvements to post secondary funding, SAITSA’s President participated (11/24/05, pg 3).

SAITSA Elections 2006 to 2007
The Executive Election format was under scrutiny in 2006. Several changes were made, including the length of the Elections, which in the past had lasted 10 days. SAITSA was also looking to implement online voting in an effort to increase voter participation (1/19/05, pg 3).

The election process began on February 21st and nominations were to be handed in by March 3rd (2/9/06, pg 2). Students needed to receive 25 signatures to sign their nomination package (2/23/06, pg 6).

A total of 8 students fought for the opportunity to be on the executive council. Three students went for the President role, one student went for the VP Internal position, two for the VP Academic role and two for VP Student Life role (3/9/06, pg 4).

2006 - 2007

Health and Dental Plan
Beginning in 2006 international students were included in the SAITSA Health and Dental Plan (10/16/06, pg 16).

SAITSA Memberships
SAITSA was a member of ACTISEC (Alberta College and Technical Institute Student Executive Council), CASA (Canadian Alliance of Students' Associations) and CFS (Canadian Federation of Students) (10/5/06, pg4).

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
Jessica Powless, the SAITSA president, went to Ottawa as part of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations lobbying campaign. The highlight of the trip occurred when the students spoke with Prime Minister Stephen Harper (11/16/06, pg 2).

SAITSA headed a committee to examine day care feasibility on campus (11/23/06, pg 2).

Exam Bank
SAITSA VP Academic, Craig Hopkins, looked into creating an exam bank to aid students in studying (1/18/07, pg 3).

Executive Elections for 2007-2008
4.7% of the student body voted in the SAITSA executive elections, filling three of the four positions (3/29/07, pg 3). The VP Student Life position was left vacant and, instead of a by-election, SAITSA decided to ask applicants to send in an application along with 25 signatures from classmates (4/5/07, pg 2).  

2007 - 2008

Events and Programming Manager
A new Events and Programming Manager, Marc Thususka, joined SAITSA in November of 2007 (11/7/07, pg 6).

Stop Smoking Mission
SAITSA and the Calgary Health Region joined together to help students kick the smoking habit (1/10/08, pg 2).

2008 to 2009 Voter Turnout
For the 2008 to 2009 school year, 3.6% of the students who were eligible to vote did so (1/17/08, pg 4).

SAIT Term Changes
Beginning in the 2008-2009 school year, students would begin classes the week after Labour day, instead of the last week of August, as was the previous schedule. In the 2009-2010 school year, students would enjoy the later start date along with a 15 week fall semester instead of the previous 16 week semester. This was to accommodate for the world skills competition that would take place at SAIT and around the city. SAIT Administration would then determine whether to keep the 15 week semester for future years (1/17/08, pg 4).

Student Emails
SAITSA gained access to a list of students' SAIT email addresses in January of 2008. The SAITSA President and Michael Stickney, SAITSA General Manager, were responsible for gaining access to the list (1/31/08, pg 3).

Recycling Program
SAIT looked at working with SAITSA to develop a recycling program at SAIT (2/21/08, pg5).

Student Executive Council 2008-2009
Turn out for the Student Executive Council for the 2008 to 2009 school year was the lowest it had been for ten years. Only 3 students ran for 2 spots (3/6/08, pg 3). A measly 3.6% of the student population voted in the student executive council election (3/13/08, pg 3).

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