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1970 - 1971

Student Government Volunteers
The need for extra credit and/or recognition was raised for those involved with the Student Government. Students who were involved in the government at SAIT worked voluntarily anywhere from half an hour to 4 hours each day (2/2/1971, pg 2).

Quorum Difficulties
The Student Council found it hard to gather the 17 members required to make a quorum in 1971(1/22/1971). To overcome this obstacle, the meeting time was scheduled for earlier. This change was very successful for the council as attendance grew significantly (1/29/1971).

1971 - 1972

Departmental Representatives
Representatives were required from each of the following departments (4/8/1971, pg 6):
1. Advertising Arts
2. Aeronautical Engineering Technology
3. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
4. Aircraft Maintenance Technology
5. Applied Arts and General Crafts
6. Architectural Technology
7. Automotive Service Technology
8. Business Administration
9. Chemical Technology
10. Chemical Technology (Biochemistry, Operations, Research)
11. Commercial Baking
12. Commercial Cooking
13. Computer Technology
14. Diesel Mechanics
15. Dietary Service Technology
16. Drafting Technology
17. Electrical Technology
18. Electronic Technology
19. Electronic Technology (Broadcasting, Telecommunications)
20. Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture)
21. Graphic Arts Administration
22. Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Administration
23. Industrial Engineering Technology
24. Journalism Administration
25. Library Arts
26. Mechanical Engineering Technology
27. Medical Laboratory Technology
28. Medical records
29. Merchandising Administration
30. Petroleum Technology
31. Pottery and Ceramics
32. Power Engineering Technology
33. Recreation Facility Technology
34. Respiratory Technology
35. Secretarial Arts
36. Short Order and Specialty Cooking
37. Structural Engineering Technology
38. Surveying Ethnology
39. Television, Stage and Radio Arts

1973 - 1974

Cultural Board
The SRC passed a bylaw which allowed students to form a Cultural Board. The objective was to plan events in the fine arts and performing arts for students on campus at SAIT. The board consisted of the following:

  • 2 students from Applied Arts
  • 2 students from Technologies
  • Chairman from ACA

The board received approximately $3,000, which was 3% of the 10% allocated from the association funds (1/25/1974, pg 1).

1974 - 1975

SRC Meeting Attendence
An average of 33% of the SRC attended weekly meetings (11/6/1974, pg 2). Since there was routinely not enough SRC attendance to obtain a quorum, a decision was made to remove 17 of the 45 courses comprising the SRC. Since these courses failed to send representatives to the SRC meetings, the decision to disregard them brought the number of students required to form a quorum down to 10 from 14 (12/6/1974, pg 1).

1975 - 1976

SRC Difficulties
Twenty-five percent, or 8 out of the 36 students on the SRC were required to be in attendance to make a quorum. The SRC was unable to make any decisions without a quorum and poor attendance was a rising issue for the SRC. With meetings taking place weekly, stricter rules were necessary. Each program at SAIT had a representative and if a representative did not attend two meetings in a row, a letter was sent to that program, requesting that a new candidate be elected. If no representative showed up for 8 week, that program was dropped from the SRC. It was even threatened that the right to use the Student Activity Building (SAB) facilities would be lost if SRC members continued to not show up for meetings.

Student Insurance
The government of Alberta stopped paying for the insurance of students. When the SRC found out about the cut, they supported administration in finding new insurance for the students at SAIT.

1977 - 1978

Twenty-four courses were needed for a student representative to sit on the SRC. If representatives did not attend the meetings, the faculties were unable to hold cabarets and keggers (1/27/1978, pg 3)

1978 - 1979

The SRC sent a letter of moral support to the striking CUPE hospital workers. The labour unions had aided students in the past with unemployment, housing and cutbacks (12/8/1978, pg 1). The Weal noticed that the SRC did not send a letter of moral support to those at SAIT with contract problems yet a letter was sent to those striking at the hospital. The Weal suggested that the student government needed to get their priorities straight (12/8/1978, pg 2).

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