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2004 - 2005

SAITSA Elections
SAITSA Student Council Elections took place on September 23rd to September 27th at various places on campus (9/23/04, pg 2).

2006 - 2007

SLC Elections
Eight candidates from four different schools were nominated to run for SLC (9/28/06, pg 2). The SLC elections took place on October 2nd and 3rd and students were able to vote online or on campus (9/38/06, pg 16). 3.04 % of students at SAIT voted for the SLC elections, which was up by 0.96%.

2007 - 2008

SLC Elections
Six candidates ran for five of the available 15 seats in the SLC but, unfortunately, only three received positions in the SLC. The School of Business and the School of Manufacturing and Automation did not receive a representative as the candidates did not attend the Election event. Only 2.29% of students voted for the SLC candidates (10/11/07, pg 4).

On November 1st, 14 of the 15 Student Legislative Council members met for the first meeting of the year. Students that were not elected were appointed based on applications (11/8/07, pg 2).

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