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Yearbook Gallery

1970 - 1971

Emery Weal
A contest was run in the Emery Weal, asking students for suggestions for a new name for the student run newspaper. A silver SAIT ring was up for grabs for the winner (2/20/1970 pg 3).

The Emery Weal was the most talked about Western Canada newspaper in 1970. The Emery Weal held an Open House with wine and cheese to celebrate (4/22/1970, pg 1).

In December, the Emery Weal was produced by three members. Due to lack of support from the SAIT community, the newspaper was almost forced to shut down as it was nearly impossible to complete each issue with only 3 people (12/4/1970, pg 2).

1971 - 1972

Emery Weal
Comics made their first appearance in the Emery Weal in 1972 (3/2/1972, pg 8).

1972 - 1973

Emery Weal
The Emery Weal changed the look of the front page of the newspaper in December of 1972 (12/15/1972, pg 1).

1973 - 1974

Paul Miller won $80 worth of free colour work from the National School Service for On SAIT. Miller won first place in a contest held at a yearbook workshop held at the University of Calgary (10/12/1973, pg 8).

Emery Weal
The Emery Weal featured its first colour photo in the December 14th issue of 1973. The page cost the Emery Weal $218 (12/7/1973, pg1).

The Journalism Club added an insert to the Emery Weal called the Inside Wrap (12/14/1973, pg 5).

Maple Creek News, a Saskatchewan paper, came across several copies of the Emery Weal and were impressed with what they saw (4/19/1974, pg 2).

1974 - 1975

Emery Weal
The Emery Weal was put together weekly by a group of volunteer workers (11/15/1974, pg 2).

A poetry section was added to the Emery Weal, allowing students to showcase their work (12/13/1974, pg 6,7).

A section entitled Wealin’ and Dealin’ was featured in the SAIT newspaper. The section allowed students to post items for sale and rooms for rent (4/18/1975).

Some students were concerned about the amount of money that the Emery Weal received for the 1975 to 1976 school year. Students felt that it was too much money to be spent on one item (4/25/1975).

1975 - 1976

Emery Weal
Three quarters of the Emery Weal left the newspaper as their extra circular activities affected their school work (10/24/1976).

The photography lab at SAIT turned into the Grey Cup photo lab and was the headquarters for united Press International, The Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette (11/28/1975).

1977 - 1978

Emery Weal
Wealin’ and Dealin’ became a large section in the student newspaper(10/11/21/1977, pg 11).

The Weal published a biased editorial on Mike Sullivan, an Executive Council presidential candidate, before the voting began. The biased editorial, titled “Gary to win, Mike to place and Harv to show”, almost cost Sullivan the election win (3/11/1978, pg 1,2).

1978 - 1979

Student Publications
A total of four student publications were published at SAIT (9/22/1978, pg 13):

Emery Weal
The student newspaper was published every Friday throughout the school year. Anyone from any program on campus could submit articles, which were intended to entertain students and to keep them informed of campus affairs. A feature called 'Wealer of the Week' highlighted a different Weal writer each week (11/3/1978, pg 8).

Student Seeker
Student Seeker was the student telephone directory.

Open House Magazine
This magazine was an information guide designed for the public and future students of SAIT. The magazine was published by the communications VP and anyone else who wished to help.

SAIT yearbook
The SAIT yearbook was a 72 page full colour yearbook which cost SAITSA $19,000. Alfred Wong an aeronautical engineering student helped publish On SAIT for the past three years (1/26/1979, pg 10).

Literary Page
A literary page was added in the Emery Weal for students to share their poems, prose and platitudes (11/10/1978, pg 10).

Weal Content
The Weal was accused of not informing students on current issues. Instead, it was said that the paper contained only humorous letters and meaningless junk material (12/1/1978, pg 4).

Canadian University Press Conference
A Western region Canadian University Press conference was held at UBC. Three Emery Weal staff attended the conference which went over issues on newspaper autonomy and newspaper layout (2/23/1979, pg 8).  

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