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1981 - 1982

SRC Meetings
The SAITSA president threatened to cancel cabarets if student representatives did not attend the SRC meetings (1/8/1982, pg 3).

SRC meetings were held in the Spartacus Lounge on nights that the bar was closed (1/29/1982, pg 3).

1982 - 1983

Student Council Meetings
Some said that the student council meetings for SAITSA were a waste of time as they often were told how to vote (10/14/1982).

Several of the SRC council meetings had to be cancelled due to the lack of attendance at the meetings. In order for a meeting to proceed, at least 12 out of the 40 representatives needed to be in attendance (4/22/1983, pg 4).

1983 - 1984

Friday Night Cabarets
SAITSA took over Friday Night cabarets to help create a strong central government. However, within the same year, three representatives resigned from their duties (11/17/1983, pg 2).

SRC Changes
The SRC discussed possible changes to their structure, proposing to lower the number of members to only 16. The students involved with SRC were unhappy with the recommendation (2/9/1984, pg 2).

1984 - 1985

Fashion Faux Pas
The Weal began a weekly Fashion Faux Pas feature on February 21, 1985. The first photo depicted a woman who had mistakenly tucked her skirt into her nylons. Apparently this was offensive to some SRC members, namely Dan Wardley-Onerheim, who requested that the photo be withdrawn (2/21/1985, 2/28/1985, pg 2).

Academic Council Elected
New members were elected to the SAITSA Academic council by the Student Representative Council. Only six students applied for the five positions available.
New Academic Council Members:

  • Robin Hoffman
  • Lynne Schroeter
  • Neil Cote
  • Terry Bullick
  • Dave Wood

Secret Meeting
A secret meeting was held by the Student Representative Council to discuss and vote on the financial budget in secrecy (5/2/1985).

1985 - 1986

New Logo
A new SAITSA Logo was introduced in September 1985. Council members felt that the colours (shocking blue and hot pink) didn’t reflect the SAITSA image (9/12/1985).

1989 - 1990

By-elections for the SAITSA Senate were held on September 26th. Departments that needed nominations included:

  • Automotive/ Diesel
  • Business Education
  • Communication Arts
  • Hospitality Careers
  • Drafting
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Math / Physics
  • Medical Science
  • Metals
  • Petroleum
  • Structures

Nomination forms were to be picked up and returned to the SAITSA office. Polling occurred on September 26th from 8am to 4pm and stations were located in the Senator Burns Building, John Ware Cafeteria, Campus Centre and the Thomas Riley building. Polling station clerks were paid for their services (9/7/1989, pg 2).

Senators to Assume Duties
Twenty-nine students were elected and came from 15 different departments around campus. Students who had concerns, whether political or academic, were encouraged to speak to the senators(9/28/1989, pg 2).

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